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Dress According To Your Body Shape

Shopping is such a wild ride. You see that pretty dress on the mannequin, instantly fall in love, dig out your size from the rack, rush to the fitting room and slip into your prize, feeling like the princess that you were meant to be. But…no, that’s not how it looked on the mannequin…it’s not supposed to be so lose here…or so uncomfortably tight there…it’s the wrong size! You go back to the rack and go up or down a size, enduring the judgy eyes of the store salesgirl, only to find that this one doesn’t fit properly either. Sob. And it’s the same story with the stuff you buy online. It looked so pretty on the model – but just doesn’t fit your body shape the same way!

The bitter truth is that most of us don’t have the
skinny-hourglass figure of a model, and the clothes that look so great on a mannequin just don’t fit the same way on regular people. But don’t despair! Here’s a handy guide to which clothes you can buy with your eyes closed (and which to avoid like the plague) based on your body shape.

Pear Shaped Body

If your hip size is significantly larger than your bust, or if most of your weight is concentrated in your hips and thighs, you have a pear shaped body.

What not to wear: Avoid wearing tops that are tight at the bust and then flare out towards the bottom because these can make your hips look bigger than they actually are. Also avoid wide belts and waist cinchers (unless you are going for the Kim Kardashian look, in which case go ahead and tighten that belt).

What to wear: Wide legged pants and A-line skirts are a good way to go because they give the body a more proportionate look. Spaghetti and off-shoulder tops also help balance out the look by directing focus towards the upper body. A-line and fit and flare dresses should be your new best friends.

Apple Shaped Body

If the majority of your weight is concentrated around your stomach with relatively small hips and bust, then you have an apple shaped body.

What not to wear: Stay away from bodycon dresses and skin-tight t-shirts and tops. Fit and flare dresses and skater dresses are not your friends either.

What to wear: Shift dresses are the perfect fit for your body type. Fit and flare tops (unlike dresses of that type) are also designed to flatter this body type. Pairing them up with shorts is a good idea as this look directs focus towards the legs.

Inverted-Triangle Shaped Body

This body type is characterized by a heavy bust and relatively small hips and waist. If your bust size is larger than your hip size, you have an inverted triangle shaped body.

What not to wear: Boat necks and body hugging spaghetti tops are a big no for this body shape. Off shoulder tops, tube tops and V-neck t-shirts should be dealt with caution.

What to wear: Wear clothes that balance out your bust by accentuating your hips and/or waist. This includes A-line skirts, bulky palazzos and belted dresses. Wide belts can also be worn to get a more defined waist.

Rectangular Body Shape

If your weight is distributed evenly throughout your body, and your bust-waist-hip measurements are not significantly different, you have a rectangular body shape.

What not to wear: Almost all clothes can look flattering on this body shape. However, very loose or shapeless clothing can give a haggard look to people with this body type.

What to wear: Wear wide belts to give the appearance of an hourglass figure. Corsets are also a good way to get a more defined waist plus a more prominent bust. Pair these with wide legged pants to get a full figure.

And now that you’ve read all that, just go ahead and forget all about it if you like. These tips will definitely help all you girls look good, but it is more important to embrace your body shape, whatever it may be. Wear what you like and remember that confidence is the key to looking good. So go out into the world and look your best, with these tips or without.

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